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10 Best Lightweight Android Games Under 50MB For 2017

Today I’m sharing my list of top 10 lightweight android games under 50 MB which you must have installed on your android device. As...
android antivirus apps

Top 5 Free Android Security and Antivirus Apps to Download

Android OS has the largest user base in the world of smartphones. This makes android the favorite choice for Hackers. And considering the frequency...
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Telegram Apk Download Latest V 3.6.1

Telegram is a pretty popular social messaging app loaded with many awesome features. Mainly focused on the speed, Telegram is pretty fast and simple to...
Google Photos App Screenshot

Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android with Unlimited Storage

Google has recently launched the update of it’s current photos app, they now offer unlimited storage for your photos. Yeah! You can store unlimited...
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Most Useful Android Apps of All Time (Really Useful Apps)

Android has become the most popular OS for smartphones. With the huge user base android is now the first choice of app developers. If...
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Save Battery Life on Your Android Device : 7 Awesome Tips

Hi guys today I am giving some tips and tricks on how to save battery life on your android device. No matter which android...