How To Automatically Clear Browsing History on Exit in Chrome

Google chrome don’t have any pre-built option for deleting history and browsing data automatically when you are closing chrome. So, here is a detailed guide which will help you to get this feature on Google chrome.



If you are among the millions of UC Browser users then you might be familiar with this feature and you probably know how useful it is. Some of us use shared computer which for many other people have access to your web browsing history on chrome. Now if you are ok if someone browses or checks your browsing history and finds which websites you have visited then you might don’t need to read this article.

But if you don’t want to leak your privet stuff (Browsing History) to others then you are reading the right blog.

How to Automatically Clear Browsing History on Google Chrome

Now if you want to Clear Browsing history then you can click “Shift+Ctrl+N”, and after that click on “Clear Browser History”. The problem is if you go with this pre-build solution then you have to do this manually every time you exit chrome browser. But, I don’t think you want to do this every time.

However, as a workaround you can use No History chrome extensions to automatically clear browsing history on exit in chrome. All you need to do is add it to your chrome browser. After you successfully installs it, whenever you start chrome just click on the small clock like icon on the top-right side of chrome window (just before the menu button) and turn that “Stop Recording History” option off. Now, chrome will not record your browsing history or in other word I can say your browsing history will be automatically deleted or cleared whenever you will exit from chrome.

turn “Stop Recording History” option off image

No History seems to be a popular chrome extension (with more than 67K users), So, It’s easy to guess that it’s pretty awesome. If needed; you can check all detail on the download page.

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My Conclusion

For last couple of years I am using chrome. That’s why I have already written some article regarding chrome and will continue writing chrome tips and tricks, so stay with us for more awesome stuff.

Hope you find this article helpful. You can read more Google chrome tips and tricks which are listed below.

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  1. You developers are not telling people you are referencing p.c. and Mac. Chrome extensions are at chrome store,none at play store,android system does not support chrome extensions,per pop up message at chrome store. Also cannot access menu settings,UC browser 10,Android6.0,installed from play store app.