Find Out Exact Age using Exact Age Calculator

The calculator which comes with most of the windows OS, has many features. You can do lot of things with calculator instead of small and basic mathematical calculations. You will be amazed to know that what it can do.

Today I was testing some default applications of my PC, to find out something unique and useful that my blog audience (You) can find useful. So after trying many stuff I check the calculator. Actually I don’t use calculator much, because most of the time when I use my computer I use it for browsing
web and blogging.

So first time when I open the calculator app, I found it very basic and the old one which we see everywhere. But when I go to the menu of the calculator I see a lot of features that are waiting for use.

For instance the default calculator is also a scientific calculator which can be used for doing complex scientific calculations. As a science student I have a scientific calculator but I was completely amazed to see a scientific calculator in computer which was their always.
Also there are dedicated versions of that calculator app for different type of users. There are Basic version which is for normal user. There is a scientific version for science students and other people who need to do complex calculation (log and pi stuff) and there are programmer version as well as statics versions.

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For using these dedicated versions all you need to do is Open the calculator application in your windows pc >View and then choose which version you want to use. So one of the most exciting and awesome features of calculator is that it can calculate your exact age…
Here exact means it will show your real (accurate) age in Years, months, weeks and days.

Exact Age Calculator
Exact Age Calculator

So for finding how many days you have lived follow the steps below ……

Steps That You Need to Follow
Open Calculator >View >Date Calculation >Enter Your Date Of birth and todays date and click on calculate
You will be amazed try now…

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