Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Google Chrome – Awesome Chrome Features

You may be already using chrome, even then also this is a must read an article about most useful features of chrome. I write this because I want to share the reasons why I love chrome.

Chrome is the most beautiful, simple and easy to use web browser without any question. That’s the reason why every one of us uses this amazing web browser and increasing our productivity. I’m using it for last 2 years and I’m very impressed by its work. Like many other Google stuff it has many unique qualities.

The best think about chrome which impresses me most is its cool and simple Design. It looks very easy and simple but the chrome browser itself is very powerful (probably it’s the fasted web browser in the world). It will save your time give yourself more time to think for other stuff than waiting for web pages to load.

So today I am going to give you 5 reasons to stay with chrome. I think you are going to love chrome more than ever before.

Very Fast Web Experience

Chrome is like a machine gun which will start in some milliseconds. You will not get time to close and open your eyes again because in that little time your web page will going to be loaded already. Instead of loading everything it loads the needed stuff first and make sure that you see that web page in as low time as possible.

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Very Easy to Use

Anybody can use the options and UI (user interface) of chrome is very easy and simple. As an example when I compare chrome’s history window with Firefox’s history window you can easy see the differences.

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Autofill Settings

Tired of filling out web forms with the same information again and again? Autofill lets you complete forms with just one click. The autofill features of chrome saved my lot of has helped me a lot.

As a webmaster, I have to create many web account and every time when I have to submit my details (name, address, phone number etc.) it was very annoying. When you start filling out a form, the Autofill entries that match what you’re typing appear in a menu. Select an entry to automatically complete the form with information from the entry.

For more information about autofill you can check official page on this topic:

Awesome Extensions of Chrome

Lots of cools and awesome extensions are available out there for chrome unlike Firefox extensions those you must have an account and chrome to download those and use.

best chrome extensions

Recently I have written A blog post about Best Chrome Extensions, you must check that for knowing about some kickass chrome extensions to boost your productivity.

Pretty Safe

While Browsing the web you may find a website that is suspicious (means that website may harm your computer), most other web browsers will not going to give you any information about that suspicious website.

So that’s going to harm your computer but if you use chrome then whenever you are going to visit any website like that a danger sign (a web page with the message which I have given below) will appear in browser window.

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Everything else about chrome

There is much more stuff about chrome which makes it the best Browser in the whole word for you. If I write about them then the list will never that’s it for now… you can write about chrome feathers which you like most in the comment section.

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