Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online – Best Methods Still Works

Making Money Online is one of the few things that most of us would like to do. Even though it’s not very easy to make money online, but I’m sure if you strategically follow what is working then you will make some good amount of money online.

make money online

If you search online then I’m sure you will see tons of results regarding making money online, some of the posts are few years old. So may be those posts were applicable and useful few years back but now it’s just waste of time to read any of these post. Being a blogger myself I have tested many things online and after my experience I would say that internet is an ever changing market.

That’s why even articles written a year ago may not work now. At the time of writing this post I have determined that I will frequently update this article every month. So that this because an ever green resource for making money online. So keep reading this article for net few minutes and I am sure you will what you need.

10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

1. Do Blogging

Creating a blog is a great strategy to make of the biggest names in the world of blogging Harsh Agarwal Has Written a complete post (article) on this thing and the title of that post was “Why Blogging Is the Best Online Money Making Business”.

So if you are confessed now and willing to start your own blog then you can read this article How to Start Your Own Blog.

2. Sell You Old Stuff Online

many us have a lot of stuff in your home or somewhere else which you are not using for long it’s time to sell those and make money out of those old stuff. Just create a free ad in olx or quikr (you can even give them money for making your ad more valuable and rich out to more customers) and one more thing please use original photos when giving ads this help the buyer to choose the right thing which he is finding.

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3. Create a video and make money from YouTube

If you love to shoot any moving thing with camera or have a talent of creating awesome videos then you can use YouTube for making money. All you need to do is upload all of those videos to YouTube and start monetizing your videos with ads. After that every time someone watches your video you will get some money.

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4. Create Some Creative Stuff (like art or hand bags etc.) and sell them online

Make some creative stuff and sell them online for profit. You can make anything you want like art stuff or hand bags or anything creative and make money by selling it on eBay or in other online stores.

5. Create an awesome t-shirt design and sell them online

We all love to wear t-shirts. You can make money online selling you t-shirt designs, you can create them using Photoshop.

6. Write A book (Kindle and also hard paper version) and sell it on amazon

This is a great way to make money for those people who love to read and want to be a author. Just For example imagine that: I have written two eBooks and set the price of those are both $2.99 .Every time someone buy that book from amazon i get 70% share. So, if my book is sold to 1000 people then just imagine how much money i can make out of it. And remember that most of the good books get sold to millions of people.

7. Record Your Own Music and Sell online

8. You can be a tutor online (tutorvista)

9. Do freelancer jobs (writing and other jobs) and make money from home

10. Make money using fiverr (doing small jobs)

When I write this post first time, I thought that I would write about some of the greatest ways to make money online step by step, but I was doing research online last day when I come though some of the great articles which will definitely give you a brief idea about how you can make money online, so you can also check the articles mentioned below, hope they will help you.

Attention – “Making Money is something that all of us want to do – but it’s hard to really make money online, there are some easy approaches for making money online but please remember that you can’t make money without doing anything. So, be patient and try what you can do, don’t try any unethical methods.

Also it’s very unlikely to happen that you will become rich from the income that you make from the web. As this great quote says:

To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep. – David Bailey

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  1. I like the idea of making unique Videos, Uploading them to YouTube and monetizing the videos to make Money from them. If you can produce interesting Videos which appeal to large number of Audiences around different Geographies around the world then your video can even become popular in short time and can earn you revenue for weeks after release of Video.
    Another great way to build business presence on Internet would be by selling products(like HandBags, Fashionable Shoes, PC parts) on the Auction websites like eBay for a mark-up and continue making money with other similar services(Amazon etc).

  2. Your article is simply awesome. You did a good job, it will really be helpful for us to get good ideas how to make money online.

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