10+1 Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Blog

Know about little-known ways to drive more traffic to your blog. Trust me: reading this article will be worth it.
Learn how to drive more traffic to your blog and make it more popular like never before.in this article I am sharing some awesome and unique ways to drive more traffic to your blog with very little effort.

Drive More Traffic to your blog

Imagine a scenario where you write great content every single day or two but then also your blog doesn’t get any page view at all or very less page view that will be one of the biggest nightmares of a blogger. Many new bloggers face the same problem. They face this kind of situation all time. Even I also face this.one of the greatest bloggers and once an SEO expert said that “You Can’t Just Publish Great Content and expect to get results.”

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So now maybe you are thinking what do you need to do?  Should you share it everywhere (like popular Facebook pages or something like that) or sent emails to people and expect that those people will view it. Here my answer will be a big no. if you do the wrong thing then it will be a waste of time and money (time is money).

Don’t worry I’m here to help you, and teach you how to get the value of your unique and useful content.

Here is a short and Sweet Version of all steps to follow: –

1. Write Great , Unique and Useful Stuff
2. After Writing Share It on Forums as well as Social Networking sites
3. Show off your content to Your Audience
4. Use Read Also And You May Also Like Or Related Stuffs
5. Share Your Love With People
6. Create Good Backlinks
7. Write SEO optimized Posts
8. Speed Up Your Site
9. Give Your Audience Some Valuable Stuff (Bonus Trick)
10. Try to Become In the first Page Of Google
11. Make Your Site Look Good.

Now After You Have Seen the Short Version Here Is a Big and Described Version with All Information and steps that you need to follow.

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1. Write Great , Unique And Useful Stuff

When it comes to niche blogs , “the content is king” .You should be more focused on writing great content that will make you audience smile and make them think good about your blog. So that they visit your blog again and again.by this they will become a royal follower or royal reader of your blog.
You may write evergreen article about your blogging niche to get more traffic. Evergreen article is very helpful as they will give traffic to your blog lifelong. Some of the more popular bloggers follow this technique – they focus on writing evergreen content. Also try to write original articles.

2. After Writing Share It on Forums as well as Social Networking sites
If you think that writing great content will make your blog popular and drive traffic, then you’re completely wrong as I have already said that writing great content is not enough. You can’t just depend on that.

Your content is useless unless people really see or read it.even search engines will not going to show your article in the first 20 search results unless some people actually see it from direct or other traffic( social etc.) . For doing this you need to share your content on social networks and the Forums.
Social Sites to share your content
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, StumbleUpon and etc. (more sites more popularity of your content).
Forum Posting
No matter which niche you’re blogging about there are many forums out there for everything. Just go to Google and try to find out great forums in your blogging niche and repost a shorter version or your original article there and give a link back you your site so that people see a shorter version in that forum and come to your blog to read the full version.

3. Show off your content to Your Audience
When you get a visit in your blog from search engines. There can be two things that can happen – #1 – the reader read the article on your blog and leave and never come back to your site again.
    #2 – or he may find some more useful article in your blog and after reading those he may also think that your blog is pretty cool and useful.
So if the second thing happens to you then there is a possibility that the reader will bookmark your site and visit again and again in future.
For doing the second thing you need to show your audience as many content of your site (the more it is the more good it will be) so that he can find what he is looking for.
For showing your audience some piece of your great content you can use A content ride show in your blog home page in the top of your blog header or you may use a flip-flop featured post or something like that.

4. Use Read Also And You May Also Like Or Related Stuff

Using read also or see also is another great way to increase your blog traffic. You can see in the picture Amit Agarwal is using also try in his bog. I am also using the same trick in all of my posts.
Just remember when giving read also links in your post don’t give too many of them. Maximum 2 or 3 are recommended.

5. Share Your Love With People
Sharing love with people means when you’re getting information from other people, then you need to let them know. For intense if you write an article related to ClixSense and you find some information useful in my article you –send me an email and let me know. Or you can even mention me in that post.so that I think positive about yourself.

6. Create Good Backlinks
Creating good and valuable backlinks are very important. It’s one of the primary and most important things that you need to do with a blog. If your blog doesn’t have backlinks then you might not get any search engine traffic.
i will publish an article about creating high value backlinks in future so keep visiting , or you may subscribe our Email Newsletter so whenever the post Publishes you get an email.

7. Write SEO optimized Posts

You must write SEO optimized posts to rank higher in Google or any other search engine’s results. Any post which ranks no 1 in search results. I am going to write a great article on how to rank no 1 in Google results by writing an SEO optimized post. Visit this site in one or two days to get that post or you may subscribe our RSS feed.in the image I have given some information about how much tag should you write for ranking higher in search results.

8. Speed Up Your Site

Speeding up your site will also help you to rank higher in Search Results. Some advices to speed up your site
Optimized your site’s coding and remove unwanted codes
Optimize your sites images and make it as small as possible (I meant is size)…Etc.

9. Make Your Site Look Good
Being No-1 in search engine results will be nothing if the visitors found your site annoying and ugly .so give some time of your working hour to make your site look good. Always try to make your site navigation simple and easy to navigate. Don’t use Creepy pop up ads or anything cheap that will drop your site’s value to user.

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I’m sure that using these tricks or following these steps will increase your site visits (traffic) .please do comment you experience and subscribe you to us. Like our Facebook page and everything that is possible. And if you want me to do something for you then you can mail me:-
My email is – [email protected]

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  1. Hello Sagar !!

    Well i would say that blog commenting is another powerful tool which can drive huge traffic if done properly ! It is one of the best way to get huge targeted traffic and the best part is that it is free .
    I started a new blog and just started commenting on other blogs of similar niche and was able to drive upto 60 visitors on a daily basis within 15 days ! Thats not bad for a brand new blog !!

    Nice post Bro !!

    Happy Blogging !!


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