Prime: Benefits, Charges, Everything You Need to Know

Amazon has become one of the prominent e-commerce marketplaces in India within a small period of three years. The company does a remarkable job to outperform its competitors with Amazon Fulfilled feature and exclusive products. Prime Review

Now, the e-commerce competition has got new dimension as Amazon recently launched their renowned Prime service in India. It is a premium subscription based service for those who want free faster delivery, early access to deals and, no maximum order restrictions.

You may ask “why Amazon took three years to bring their already established service to India?“. The issue was in complicated taxes and customs system in India. But now, they have managed to get rid of all the hindrances as it is already launched.

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Features of Amazon Prime in India

Early Access to Lightning Deals: Amazon has daily lightning deals that don’t last longer. You have to get there in time to grab the products. Due to a large number of users, it was common for products to go out of stock within no time. But Amazon Prime subscribers get 30 minutes early access to deals. Apparently, it eliminates such bizarre instances.

Grab the best deals first Amazon Prime India

Guaranteed One Day or Two Days Delivery: Being an Amazon Prime member, you won’t have to wait so long to get your hands on the ordered products. They have a guaranteed one day or two days delivery for you. It’s available in selected cities, though.

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No Order Size Restrictions: Amazon imposes no maximum size restrictions on orders placed by Prime users. They can order as much as they want.

Enjoy unlimited FREE fast delivery Amazon India Prime

Same Day Delivery: For some products, Amazon Prime offers same day delivery. But still, the shipping address needs to be in any of the eligible 14 cities. You have to pay about 50 INR (regularly, 150) to avail this facility. If you want to receive the shipment on a given date at a particular time, you can set a scheduled delivery.

A Trial Period of 60 Days: Amazon allows you to try their service freely for two months using which you can test the quality. Given that Prime is a paid service, it’s your responsibility to ensure the quality.

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An Affordable Price: If you think Amazon Prime is a costly service that you should overlook, you are wrong! Amazon has priced the service so cheap as compared to the cost of the same in other countries. Though the regular price is 999 INR, they let you use it for a discounted amount of 499 INR during the first term. Considering all the features Prime brings, the deal is worth checking out.

Additional Services: In other countries, Amazon Prime users get additional features such as a Netflix-like video, music and photos services. As of now, you will not get any of these in India. Nonetheless, Amazon has officially announced that Prime Video is on its way.

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How to Use Amazon Prime India in

Buy Stuff from using Prime

For an existing Amazon user, getting started with Prime isn’t a sweaty task. You need to click on the Try Prime link at the bottom of the logo and follow the proceedings.

When you want to buy something as an Amazon Prime user, you should look for the logo (Prime logo) beneath the product price. Once you spot the same, you are good to go!

Wrapping Up

You have read all the available information about Amazon Prime India by now. The ultimate decision is yours whether to go with it or not. For me, it’s a good deal as Amazon keeps on adding new features. Also, remember amazon is offering 5 month free tried, you should not waste this offer, you can sign up for amazon price from here. If you don’t want it after 6 months you can cancel the service without spending any penny.

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