5 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives (2016)

dropboxDropBox has served people from so long by giving them free 2 GB cloud storage to sync their data so if by chance their phone and PC gets format they won’t be losing their data.

Previously Dropbox was the only secure and trustable cloud storage service (or an online backup service). These days there are so many other reliable and efficient alternatives to DropBox. Some of these alternatives are better than DropBox in same cases.

So, In this article, you will come across five best alternatives of Dropbox.

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1. Google Drive

Google drive is a far better option than Dropbox as it offers you 15 GB free storage to store all of your precious documents and files. It is roughly 8 times the amount of what DropBox offers. Google Drive includes all of your Google services including Gmail, google+ and many other services that Google provides.

google drive

It doesn’t stop you from syncing all of your phone and PC data to your free 15 GB Google Drive. You can sync photos, videos, applications, files, documents whatever you want. A Google Drive client is also available for Windows and Mac PCs and Laptops to allow you to drag and drop all of your files to cloud storage. Also, web editing is also possible in it through its other tools such as Google Docs.

First, 15 GB cloud storage is absolutely for free but after that 100 GB storage is available in $1.99, and then 1 TB space for $9.99 and the final goes up to 30 Tb for $299.99. The pricing model of Google Drive is also pretty attractive.

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2. MediaFire


Mediafire is a good online cloud storage provider. They offer 50 GB of free storage for Free Account. In case you want to share the download links to your files you can do so, but Mediafire will show ads on your download page. However, you can come over this issue by Upgrading to their pro or business plan. Mediafire Pro plan will cost you $10 and Bussiness account will $80 per month. In case you are small business owner pro account is more than enough for you.

Mediafire has its app available for all the major platforms like PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can chek more about Mediafire cloud storage and online backup service from their website.

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3. Box.com

Box.com is a pretty popular alternative to DropBox as it allows you a maximum of 10 GB storage for free. After that, it costs you $6 per month for 100 GB with a file size limit of 2GB and $17 per month for unlimited storage with a file size limit of 5 GB.

It comes up with free add-ons for various versions of the Microsoft Office. Box.com allows you to edit, save and share all of your files without actually leaving the programs. The only drawback of this application is that it requires a minimum of 250 MB file size limit on its every individual upload.

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4. Copy (Discontinued)

It comes with a free storage space of 20 GB and after that, it costs you starting from $4.99 per month for 250 GB cloud storage to a maximum of 1 TB cloud storage.

The great thing about this is that it is developed by a very well-known security service and spam-filtering service provider known as Barracuda. This offers a 15 GB free storage space with no such size limit on individual uploads. Also, if you invite your friends to use this, then by this you will be increasing storage space a bit further more for absolutely free. It also features drag and drop feature on your PC/ Laptops.

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5. OneDrive


It is another popular alternative to DropBox and was formerly known as Sky drive. This is owned by Microsoft and offers a free storage space up to 7 GB on their very own network. You can also extend free storage to 20 GB by just attaching a Microsoft Office 365 home or a Professional subscription to OneDrive. If you sync One Drive with the office online, it will make the editing of Microsoft Office files easier.

You can also pay $1.99 per month for a cloud storage up to 100 GB and $3.99 per month for 200GB and $6.99 monthly for storage of 1TB.

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  1. A valid alternative that you can access and share your data WITHOUT having to put it in the cloud is GetIt Remote (www.getitremote.com). I’m using it…love it…works great, no cloud required.


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