best-android-romsNot every phone’s default launcher is awesome. Nowadays, many smartphone manufacturers include gimmicky features and bloatware that make the UI looks ugly. That’s why we can’t always settle with stock manufacturer ROM comes up on Android smartphones. Sometimes, it doesn’t have the features we wanted. For the same reason, people opt for third-party Android ROMs.

If you know Android since long, you see there is a way to get rid of this default UI completely from the root level. Yeah, it’s flashing the device with a custom ROM. In this article, you are getting seven of the best lightweight Android ROMs. I have manually handpicked these lightweight Android ROMs for you. By Downloading and installing these Android ROMs you can leverage the full potential of your device.

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Note: Please do proper research before installing any custom ROM on your Android Phone. We won’t be responsible for any problem that you may face for installing any ROM mentioned in this list.


1. Paranoid Android


Paranoid Android is a popular ROM with tons of useful and innovative features. If you are a fan of CyanogenMod themes, you will love Paranoid Android too because the same theme engine is available here too.

It is the first ROM based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The multi-window mode has only become the part of stock Android with 7.0 Nougat update. But on this ROM, you will get multi window mode. The hover mode is yet another useful spec that allows you to take action for the notifications without leaving the current app you work on. Immersive mode hides status bar and capacitive buttons.

Paranoid Android has many useful features like Dynamic Status Bar, Immersive Mode, Peek and Hover. Dynamic Status Bar changes the color of the notification panel following the app you use whereas hover is a useful feature that gives you access to the notification content without leaving the app you use at that particular instant.

Though they officially support Nexus, Oppo, and OnePlus phone only, you can download the same ROM for other phones from various unofficial channels like XDAforum.

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2. Ressurection Remix


If you are a customization freak who wants to personalize every single element of your device, you should definitely try Ressurection Remix ROM. The team regularly updates the version with new features.
You can customize notifications, lock screen, app drawer and almost everything. The Pitch Black Dark theme is useful in saving the battery life.

Do you want future updates of the ROM via OTA? Then, you should try Resurrection Remix. The platform is built on top of Android Lollipop. So, you won’t get the latest version of Android which is Android nougat.

They have an extensive community of users and developers, which will solve your issues related with the ROM. Once you become a part of the community, you can modify the source code to design something even more appealing. It has some amazing features like Pitch Black and Heads Up. The added specs don’t make you feel bad about not having the latest Android version. Even with a ton customization features, Resurrection Remix doesn’t drain much of your battery backup.

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3. Cataclysm


Are you looking for a lightweight ROM to boost the performance of your device? Then, Cataclysm should be your pick in my opinion. Within the small size, it delivers a lot of personalization options like smart toggles. You can tingle between different battery styles as well. In my opinion, Cataclysm focuses on the performance rather than on the fantasy elements.

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4. XenonHD


XenonHD is yet another lightweight performance-oriented Android ROM. But that doesn’t mean it has zero customization features. You can personalize every bit of it including the lock screen, notifications, buttons, etc. It also has a privacy guard and notification filter as an icing on the cake. The RRO (Runtime Resource Overlay) layer based theming adds another advantage.

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5. Dirty Unicorns

Are you looking for a feature rich Android ROM? Then, Dirty Unicorns is the best bet. As in every other ROM, I have shared so far, you can customize all the buttons and features. The Marshmallow based ROM includes CynogenMod theme engine to give you the best personalization options. Once you install this ROM, you will have a specific area called Dirty Tweaks to work with a double tap to wake, OmniSwitch, immersive mode, etc.

6. Euphoria OS


Next up in this list of best lightweight Android ROMs is Euphoria OS. You can download the Marshmallow based ROM now. It comes up with a ton of features including double tap to wake, LED manager and privacy guard. Unlike all the other ROMs, Euphoria OS uses a custom kernel that leverages the best battery life by underclocking the CPU in the idle times.

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7. Android Open Kang Project


Android Open Kang Project aka AOKP doesn’t have much history like CyanogenMod. But as a person who wants lightweight Android ROM, you should check this out. They have a device picker on the website, using which you can find the appropriate phone and download the ROM for the same. You may mistake it with CyanogenMod. But the differences become more visible when you start using in-depth. Unlike the rival, AOKP has a bunch of add-ons and tools to provide you with the complete control and customization over the ROM.

8. BlissPop (BlissROMS)

BlissPop is a Lollipop based Android ROM. Still, it has got a set of unique features under its belt. The user interface is called Bliss Interface, and it is packed with useful specs like lock screen shortcuts that allow faster application access. The left-handed mode, status bar configurations, and LiveDisplay are significant specs among all.

Even though BlissROM isn’t a popular custom ROM solution, you will find many intuitive features on it. The ROM is available for a broad range of devices, which you can choose from their website. The download doesn’t bring you to an unlimited number of pages. It only takes 2-3 clicks. The BlissROM team has made the Settings page clean and elegant. They also packed in a left-hand mode to make the usage easier for left-handers. Lockscreen shortcuts, status bar configurations and, battery styles come handy with the ROM.

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Wrapping Up

You have got seven lightweight Android ROMs now. It’s up to you whether to go with which one. But make sure the ROM you choose is compatible with your device. Or else, it will make the scene the worst. Moreover, Don’t forget to share this list with your friends who love tweaking their phone.

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    • Hi karl,

      Please make sure you have rooted your phone before you install a custom ROM.

      And i would suggest you to start rooting your phone as soon as you see this message.


    • There are some android apps which lets you root your phone very easily. The only problem is none of those apps works on “Every Android Phone”.

      Try a few of those and you should be able to root your Lava a97 phone easily.

      Example: KingoRoot, framaroot, etc.


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