1. I have a paytm account in my name. I want to create another paytm account in my name. please advise me how I will create it?

  2. I want to create new paytm account. please advise me,how I will creat it.

    • Sometimes the paytm websites login and signup function shows error. But, don’t worry try after sometime , i’m sure you will be able to sign up for paytm account.

    • Try by following the steps mentioned above, you may try to visit : m.paytm.com from your nokia c3(I’m not sure if there mobile website is still active or not) , it may help you.

    • 1. Download on mobile – Nokia store (paytm app)
      2. After Your download Complete to Click on paytm app.
      3. Follow on First sign up.
      4. Enter your mobile No.
      5. Email: ID
      6. Create any choice password.
      7. Enter the create your paytm wallet.

    • Ramana I don’t know what is wrong actually, there can be some problem in Paytm’s system at the time you have tried. You can try cleaning your browser’s history and everything and try again. This may solve your problem, or try to log in after sometime. Hope it helps!

  3. I have created recently new account in paytm but i dont now how they provide freemoney for recharge and help me how add that money

    • You can search for “How to use Paytm Account” on my blog using the search bar for getting your question answers. Let me know if you need more help.

  4. I have I ball tab.& bsnl sim
    I want to crest an account –PAYTM
    WHICH procedure is useful &easy–
    Through. App. Or through. PayTMweb ??

  5. I did three time recharge air tel full talk time but not successfully recharge and pay to my account balance not response to customer care
    So very bad service paytm

  6. i have paytm account but there is my old mobile no is registered which is deactivate and now i want to change my new mobile no so i can receive OTP

  7. Is online banking is necessary while creating account in Paytm, I never used online banking because I felt it risky.

  8. I want to register Paytm since last few days but due to certain problem i could not opened it. There is password problem.

    • You should immediately contact the paytm customer care , call them and ask why they have disabled your account and how can you get it back.

    • Login to your Paytm account. Point your mouse on your name> click on “Your Wallet” link and go to your wallet page. There you will see option for adding money to your Paytm account.

  9. I m in nepal some friends wants to send money in nepal bt when i put my no the code is not come can paytm work in nepal tell me plzzz

    • Paytm pe jake login kijiye , mobile number our ayse enter kijiye and payment kar dijiye. That’s it, go ahead and check it’s very easy.

  10. Paytm ko recharge kaise karna hai aur mera paytm account se dusre ke bank account par paisa transfer kaise karna hai.

  11. kya yar usme number aur password enter kiya aur konsa password enter karna hai paila wala password hi enter kiya nahi ho aa oo dikhata hai aleast one number or one alphabet dikhata hai toh bank ki password enter nahi karna hai kuch toh bata ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Hi,
    i am trying to create paytm account. while submitting it is giving the error as ” Mobile number not available” .Kindly suggest.

    • I am also facing exactly the same problem, when I try to sign up by using my laptop error comes as ” Mobile number not available . When I use my mobile to sign up it shows ” Failure ” – Mobile Registered.
      Kindly suggest what should I do ?
      When I try to contact Paytm customer care they don’t come on line. Eventually I send a mail to them and I receive a stereo type answer. ” We are checking …. ” and a ticket # 10581364.
      Please help

  13. What is “Username” and “Account Number” in Paytm that I have to input to receive payment from others ?

  14. Hi,I have an opend a Paytm Account but I can’t input my savings account details on paytm.So please suggest me how to i input.

  15. i had download paytm app . and try to signup. after entering otp one information page open but in it my mobile number is allredy given. i feel my all detail and submite ….show error mobile number is not include… how can i create??

    • I think you should click on the mobile number section and enter your number manually. This should solve your issue.

  16. Comment: inspite of all clarification first timer get stuck while performing on paytm.why not demonstrate a/c opening showing the format itself. Just show the format that appear while using paytm , then. give reply line by line for the benefit of less understanding people like us. Then comes creating wallet , here also show the line by line filing up .i hope this will help more.

  17. I have created an account of Paytm through desktop. Is the same applicable for mobile? Or do I need to download a paytm account on my cell?
    Another thing, how do I get the money from Paytm, when pays me through this account?
    pl help

    • You can use the same account on your phone, For using paytm on your mobile you need the app.

      You can add money to your paytm account from bank account and then do shopping, recharge or transfer money, etc.

      Hope it helps you.

  18. @durga : go to “add money ” enter amt to be added … You can add money via debit card, credit card, net banking… Or give cash to your Frnd…if he had paytm account.he can transfer via paytm…

    Karthik K

    • Go to paytm.com and click on “Log in/Sign Up” and then click on “Sign Up” for crating a new paytm account.

  19. I am not able to register in Paytm. Provided mobile number and other details as asked. The message being displayed is as follows: “Mobile number not available please raise a query at paytm.com/care. We will redirect you to paytm.com in 15 seconds. Click Here to go to paytm.com now.’
    Please guide.

    • Hey ramdhan,

      You don’t need to separately create paytm wallet, When you add money to your paytm account it gets credited in your paytm wallet.

      Basically your paytm account is your paytm wallet.

  20. actually i did try more time for register in your paytm .and fullfill every information but from this side didi send otp for further process .plz advice

  21. We are Diagnostic Center we would like to give Pay TM facility to our patients So please let us know its procedure

  22. i sm trying to start paytm in my company name.after signing in my profile shows your account under verification since 2 days..what to do to start in my company name…pl.call

  23. I have create two account in same number, first time amount shows in passbook approx Rs 4000/- but mistake to create another account in same number the rest of amount not show in my account. but its show on the notification received amount.
    So please how to solve the problem.

  24. Dear Sagar, When I want to “Add Money” in paytm a/c, payment option is not appearing. It jumps to next the next page. Previously It was working. After deletion of my saved card details fro payTM, this problem started. May I get a solution from you

    Yash Kant

  25. I have a trouble in add money to paytm wallet.Actually it is my father debit card.that card had his mobile number for any alert

  26. Hi Sagar, I have a query. I want to change the bank account linked to my Paytm wallet. How can I do this, please suggest. Regards and thanks.

    • You don’t need to link any bank account to your paytm account.

      I don’t know even if its possible to link bank account to paytm account.

      You can just add money to your paytm account from any bank account you want.

  27. My new mobile number is not linked with my bank account.So is it possible for me to create a new Paytm account now with my new mobile number.My old mobile number is out of service.So is it necessary dat if I want to create a Paytm account ,I Shud hv a Mobile number which is registered with my account or can I use Paytm with my new mobile number?



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