1. Above mentioned method does not seems to be right to delete my FREECHARGE account. Please give me proper step by step description to delete my account.

    • Rizwan,

      i just updated the article. So, please read it again. At first, when i wrote it the freecharge support page was different, recently they updated their website.

      Now that i have updated and rewritten the full post i think you will be able to delete your freecharge account.

    • you have to send email to them, don’t just comment here with your email. Please read the post carefully.

  2. Plzzz delete my freecharge account. It is totally fake app. So plzzz delete my freecharge account. I’am facing log in problem from 2weeks. All email id and password correct. But this app showing only ur name or email id or password wrong. Am used already this app. But suddenly came this log in problm so plz delete my freechage account and all card details..

    • Please read the post carefully , Ankiy i can’t just delete your freecharge account, you have to contact the customer care. Read the blog post carefully.

  3. after de-activating can i sign up again for freecharge using the same contact no as before? or will they come to know about it and wont let me sign up with the same contact no and email id? thanks!

    • I think you have to reactive the account, you can’t just sign up for freecharge (or any other) account and deactivate and create another account with the same phone number and email.

    • You can not change the email id, However if you want then you can change the mobile number from account section.

  4. I think my ex roommate created an account with my mobile number and his email id. I tried reaching out to them to see if they can help in this regard but no joy. What to do

    • He have used your mobile number! I think Freecharge allows users to change the password using mobile number. Check if you can change the password and login to that account. After that, remove the email id from your account section and use the account if you want.

  5. Hhhh everyone just asking here to delete free charge account !?!?! Very funny lol. If u want to deactivate/delete whatever , u have to contact to freechage team/customer care …not here to Sagar Basak!!!

  6. Dada Ami frecharge account delete kore jodi sei device ei new account korte chai ar referral code apply kori tahole hobe?

  7. Guys please don’t use their service. They are bunch of cheaters. I did a bill payment of my landline bill through freecharge on 15th Nov and till now they havent settle the bills yet. My bill amount is still showing in the bsnl portal and their customer care executive told me that they haven’t received any payment yet. When I contact the customer care of freecharge they are giving me lame excuses like it will be updated in my next bill. Please this is a honest incident happen to me and I don’t want anyone to suffer. When I check the reviews in the Google pay store there are some who face similar problems with them. They have lose more than 4000rs please don’t waste your hard earned money by using this fraudulent company.

  8. not able to login in my freecharge account.
    i have drop 3-4 emails and not getting any response.
    it says mob no.already register and then sometimes it says no account found.
    i am really pised off with this.

  9. After deactivate of freecharge account.
    1. How much it takes time to delete permanent ??
    2. Is it possible to use same( used) email address (was associated with freecharge) with different mobile no.??


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