PayTM is a popular online recharge provider. They are doing awesomely great in their mobile recharge business, but from the last few months they are trying to become one of the biggest players in the e-commerce space of India.

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I like the services that Paytm provide. However, you may don’t wish to continue your journey with paytm and delete your paytm account. If you are looking for a solution for deleting paytm account, then check below I have written about how you can delete a paytm account (Actually here you will learn how to disable your paytm account, as there is no way for permanently deleting a paytm account).

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How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently

paytm accountFor deleting your Paytm Account you have to send an email to [email protected] from your email id(which you have used to create your paytm account) regarding your request.

You should mention some lines in that email about why you want to disable your account.

Just tell paytm customer care that you don’t want to have a paytm account anymore, and i’m sure that they will help you out. And within 2 days or less your paytm account will be deactivated.

Some Other Info About Deleting Your Paytm Account

Paytm has two platform options for customers, one is their website –, and another is the paytm app. Paytm app is a cross-platform app which is available for both android and iOS users. May be you are using Paytm for some time now, but if you notice then there is no option for deleting your account.

So, if you want to delete your account, then you have to send them an email to their help email id. Anybody form paytm customer support will read that email and they will disable your account. I think I’m able to help you stay tuned with us for more useful posts. Moreover, comment below if you found this post helpful.

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  1. I want to delete paytm account. Because registered email mobile number is deactivate so change mob number this email id

    • Hi Harishchandra, i can’t delete your paytm account, but you can. Just Follow the steps mentioned in this blog post and i’m sure you will be able to delete your paytm account.

    • Naveen, Go to your ‘Profile’ under ‘Your Account’ after you login to paytm. Then Click on ‘Change’ beside your mobile number and change your mobile number.

    • Narendra i have written about it on the post, Have you tried contacting the customer care. read the post and follow it step by step.

    • In such case you may first add your email id on your paytm account by going to your paytm account settings and then email paytm support for deleting your account.

    • Currently it’s not possible to delete paytm transaction and recharge history .. but may be in the future there will be option to do this.

  2. Plz give me paytm costume care number,that number is not valid which is got me, from internet I have to delete own paytnm account also
    Sunil Kumar

  3. How sign in my account without mobile no beacause it’s blocked. Is there any way to log in by gmail please tell me.

  4. My Paytm account got blocked and customer care is not responsing properly. I have shared my bank statement also from which i made all payment for purchase. what should i do now to get my account un-blocked.

    • Hi Shruti you can send mail to [email protected] to remove your mobile number
      Or you can use forgot password option and then select mobile number
      An OTP will come on your mobile number, then you can make an account on Paytm

  5. Dear Sagar, most helpful. My problem is that I have lost the paytm verification code. How do I retrieve it? When I try to start the process afresh I am toldI am already registered. I have only one mobile no.
    Perhaps the best way put, assuming that paytm will not send me a new verification code , is to close my present account and then set up a new account afresh.

    Shall appr Coates your advice. BTW, my mail to [email protected] ,sent more than 24 hrs ago, is yet to elicit a response.

    Many thanks

    Rajiva Misra

  6. whenever i want to sign up but i get error of already ragister no. soo kindly plzz give suggestion wat i do???

  7. Comment: I am not able to change mobail number.
    changing time looks
    your account is regestered as a merchant so mobail can not be changed.

  8. I m facing problem from last 4 month to adding money to paytm wallet
    Through net banking service and debit card number.
    I tried to add money through different a/c same error comes that your otp is wrong.
    N your Paytm has been declined by your bank due to invalid card details. Please enter valid details and try again Or contact your bank for any queries

    So I request you to deactivate my accounts
    As I check my card details that were alright and tried to different bank account same problems is been faced by me.

  9. I want to delete my paytm account, because I opened account so I close my account account. I can not use my another paytm amount sumit of 1522. Plz help me,n tell me the solution that how will I use my balance money. Thnx

  10. I want my paytm account to be deactivated as it is hacked . I fell a trap to some fraud so called paytm employees and have lost a good amount of money .But with 3 rs balance in my account transactions are still going on obviously by the fraudsters.

    24 march ,10 am
    We have successfully sent Rs. 6850.00 to XXXXXXX7677 . Your reference number for this transaction is 8016095758

    24 March ,5 pm
    Rs. 5050.00 has been paid to my allaha by 99XXXX6353. For future reference, wallet transaction id is 8035540374.

    I am getting SMS and emails of these transactions, but I have no connection with them.

    Only uninstalling and reinstalling the app is not a permanant solution to this .

    I want my account to be deactivated as soon as possible.

  11. They dont respond any other way to delete your a/c with this fraud company Paytm? They advertise something in the display pic and deliver half of the product and give stupid excuses “its in the display image but not in the description” you moron display image is describing the product visually. If not why would you put the picture? You advertise something and send something else is a case of fraud and usually in cases like this they take unusually long time to get back to you so you cant even return the product. I would suggest take your business else where.

  12. I want change my paytm mobile number because my number has been lost so i want change my number but it is not possible bcz of otp


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