Download BlueStacks for PC Windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP Laptop

download bluestacksBlueStacks is the most popular android emulator software in the world. Using this software, you can run any Android app and play any game on your Windows computer or laptop. Though there are many Android emulators available on the web, bluestacks is the one which is used by most of the people.

Here you can free download BlueStacks for your PC Windows 10/7/8/XP/8.1 Computer. After downloading it, you can download and install any Android app (the .apk file) on your PC. For the quick solution, I have shared the link to download bluestacks (.exe file), just after the Technical Details Section below.

I recommend all of you guys/gals to check bluestacks system requirements, as many of my blog readers have contacted me regarding the issue of “unable to install bluestacks after downloading it”. It’s because their computers don’t support this application. So before downloading you should check the requirements. After you complete checking the requirements, feel free to download the latest version of bluestacks 2 from the link mentioned below.

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Download BlueStacks

Title BlueStacks App Player
Filename BlueStacks2_native.exe
File size 244.69MB
Requirements Windows OS (Windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP)
Author Bluestack Systems Inc. (Website:

   Download BlueStacks

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BlueStacks Guides & Tutorials

The Following guides will help you to understand all about BlueStacks and how you can use it correctly. So, let’s jump into the tutorials section.

How to Install BlueStacks on Your Computer

bluestacks installation window

Installing this software is as easy as installing any other software on your computer. All you need to do is download BlueStacks by clicking on the green download button (I have given in the beginning) and click it twice it will start the installation process. But in case you are a newbie on installing software on Windows computers. You can check the step by step guide below.

  • After downloading BlueStacks just left click on the downloaded installation file twice. (It will have a name ending with .exe extension)
  • Now a new installation window will appear. Just click on “Agree” and select all the appropriate options on the one by one.
  • After you click next many times, you will see a green progress bar with the title of “Downloading Needed Files” or something like that.
  • After needed files are downloaded, BlueStacks will be installed on your computer, and you can use it now.

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How to Run any Android Apps or Game on your Computer


It’s very easy to run any Android Software/App or game on your computer using BlueStacks. Even a child can do it, but in case you are using it for the first time, you may need a little assistance.

Follow the step by step guide below to find out how to use BlueStacks android emulator software for downloading and installing any Android game/app on your PC (computer).

  • First, you need to have BlueStacks installed on your computer, so my friends download it if you haven’t already done so.
  • Now open it by clicking on the application icon which will be on your desktop.
  • Next, click on the search icon and search for the android app which you want to download and run on your PC.
  • You will see the app, click on that and Download that on your PC. It’s as simple as Piece of Cake.

Note: You can also directly download any apk file from google play or any other site on the internet and install it directly on bluestacks. For that, you have to download the apk file first and then right click on file and choose open with bluestacks.

Installing APK in BlueStacks

For More details you can check these articles mentioned below:

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So, that was pretty much all the info that you may ever need about this awesome android emulator. Please share why you love to use BlueStacks in the Comment Section Below. Also, let us know if you know any particular bluestacks tips and tricks which others should be aware.

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  1. Hi Ashish here i had downloaded bluestacks on pc and suddenly it got installed and when tried to install once again its not getting installed please help me out.

    • You are saying you had previously installed BlueStacks on your Computer but this time it’s not getting installed, right?

      Tell me if i got your question right.


    • You can’t run BlueStacks if you have a old computer(because of hardware issue), Try any other android emulator. There are many other free Android Emulators.

  3. ji …i’m using blustacks , and whatsapp and hike on bluestacks but the Dp of my friends were not shown and their hike timeline also cant be seen , and the bluestacks time also cant be changed it showing 6:14 am while it was realy 11:40 am or 04:00 pm………………..

    what to do,…?

    • You should find this link useful:

    • It’s not like that, You should check BlueStacks System Requirement. The Brand of laptop has nothing to do with this, it’s about the configuration of your computer.

    • Search my blog for “BlueStacks Alternatives” You will find some other useful android emulators on that post.

    • BlueStacks is not fraud, Who told you that. It will work just fine unless you download it from any Shady Website.

  4. i installed blue-stack but when i install app on it. it doesn`t installed . how can i install it. help me out as fast as possible. please

  5. i already installed bluestacks..but now every time a windos open and show me wheather i want to upgrade updated version or noy? when i agree with this…a new page comes ..installing bluestacks…click for next..but no next button is there…not only that..i uninstall the software still after installing this page is coming and nothing is doing

    • In that case uninstall it completely using Rovo Uninstaller and then install the latest version of BlueStacks after downloading it from here.

      You can also try something else search for BlueStacks alternatives on my blog.

    • Hey Richa,

      When you click on Uninstall BlueStacks button a pop-up window will appear saying ‘Do you want to keep all your apps and data?’, click on the ‘YES’ option. Next time when you will install BlueStacks your data will be automatically restored.

      Note: This feature is available on BlueStacks version and later only.

  6. Mere friend ke pass laptop me blue stack hai to maine pendrive me blue stack ka folder le liya aur apne computer me dal kar chalaya to nahi chalta error likh jata hai .

    • Manvendra, You can’t run BlueStacks on your PC if you just copy the folder and paste it. Download BlueStacks exe file from here and install it properly.

  7. Hey bor i had downloaded bluestack for 7 times, but didnt install
    It says dot net is not install on your systme

  8. Have a nice day….Mr. Sagar Basak….I have tried to install Blue Stacks and its running slow at the time to download it….very slow and my internet speed connection which I’ve used right now was at the standard rate …wihth number 305 MB, I think waiting and waiting and sleeping is the best solution …….and I still hoping it can give the best performance and best application from you….Thanks….

  9. brother i have also download bluestacks.i switch off the computer and when iswitch on the computer the bluestacks does not open.why?

  10. bhai main ne apne computer main bluestacks download kia hai.chalta bi hai lekin jab main computer off kar k on karta hun to phir wo error deta hai.please mujhe is ki wajhja btain

  11. im using an old mini laptop (lenovo) 2009 model with windows 7.
    i downloaded this bluestacks but after finishing it says that it cant be saved due to insufficient permissions.
    What should i do?

    • Hey David,

      You are using Chrome on your Windows 7 Machine, right?

      If yes then Open Settings (three horizontal lines icon)> Show Advanced Settings> Scroll down and find “Downloads section”> Set the Download location to somewhere a new location (Folder).

      Now you should be able to download BlueStacks.

      PS. Let me know if it solve’s your issue.

  12. blustack new version305 download karne ke bad install karne per msg deta hai windows cacot find microinstallernative.exe typed correct name and try again blustack meine se hi download kiya tha mera pc windo7 hai

  13. not instolled blue-stack but when i install app on it. it doesn`t installed . how can i install it. help me out as fast as possible. please

  14. hey,,, friends I had installed bluestacks few mnths ago & it was working properly. but now bluestacks is not responding & I can’t access my whatsapp…I again reinstalled it still it is not working……can anybody help me??

  15. hi sagar.
    i cant install this app its showing ‘unable to find DotNet continue installation process ?’
    what can i do ???
    my pc also not bad why iam facing problem to install ?

    • Maybe you need to uninstall .NET Framework on your computer and install it again. Let me know if it fix’s your problem.

      • hi dude
        when i intalled bluestack an error occured showing some problem regarding to microinstallernative. Will u please suggest some solution to it
        I will be very thankful………………………………………

        • Hey Tushar,

          I found something on the web for you 🙂

          people are saying that its related with antivirus/firewall, disable or just add exception to Bluestacks installer on your antivirus settings, This should fix the issue.

          Sorry for the late reply.


  16. Can i only download bluestacks in my android phone and then i will paste it to my laptop can it b able to download??

  17. this software is not working properly.
    i already download the software and bluestacks2_native.exe required Dotnet to install after install no nothing shows

  18. hey sagar my problem is when i finish everything in blue stack the problem comes when i shut down my laptop when i switch it on the application cant access again

  19. Sagar I need hacked clash of clans for pc windows xp for free plz tell me the side plzzzzzzzzz! and I am India from Kolkata…

  20. Hi Sagar I have installed blustacks 1 month ago and started playing coc . but now it is not opening , wat should i do now?if i reinstalled it my coc accont will be gone,tell me away plz

  21. hi i m Pinaki . I want to install bluestacks in windows 7 . I downloaded bluestacks from the above link . after downloading when i m trying to install this it shows INSTALL DOTNET AND CONTINUE INSTALLATION PROCESS . after this installation its does not installed on PC . How i install bluestack in windows 7 ..

    • Hey Pinaki,

      You need to install .NET Framework on Your Computer. Just Download net framework from Microsoft website and install it. After that restart your computer. After restating try to install BlueStacks on your PC, It Will get installed this time.


  22. hi,i have download the bluestack emulator and try to instal but it stuck at ‘insatalling bluestacks’.what’s the problem.thanks

    • Hey Mimie,

      Check bluestacks system requirements article from my blog.

      Check if your computer is compatible to run bluestacks.

    • Hey Megh,

      I am not using a windows computer right now. But if i remember currently you can check from “My Computer>System Summary”.

      Let me know if it works.


  23. hey,
    i am also work alone and try to make my games worlds best game every released.
    I am game developer.:-)
    But the think is i want to know is that is bluestacks can used to play live camera.
    like webcam!
    also is that your download link is dead
    please give me another like 🙂

  24. yo sagar, i already dowloaded bluestacks thrice over on my lapie ,on the first try it opened and stuff then later it got stuck on loading screen.I wud really luv a helping hand here.Solution pls,thnx for ur tym.

    • Is it showing some error message or its just stuck and not opening when you are trying to open. You may uninstall the app and reinstall it.

  25. HIII SAGAR. IJUST DOWNLOADED KOPLAYER AND INSTALLED WHEN I OPNED IT SAYS errer-12 then i cant do anthting. did i miss any steps to install

  26. hey sagar basak in my pc bluestacks is not installing in windows 10 and my pc have 64bits and 2gb ram plese solve my problem


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