Here you can download the latest version of the Firefox browser for your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or even XP PC computer. Download Firefox and install on your computer to make your online experience more awesome. You can download Firefox from the links mentioned below, I would recommend you to check the full post.

mozilla-firefox   Download Firefox (link 1)    Download Firefox (link 2)

[These two download link will serve all Firefox for various Windows versions, the software is in the full standalone installer package and not an online installer, and however, you may choose which type of OS your computer is running on (32bit/64bit)]. You may also want to download chrome for your windows computer.

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Why Download Firefox Browser for your Computer

Firefox is an internet browser developed by one of the most trusted names: Mozilla. When it first came into existence, it had to compete with Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer, but along with the time, everyone gets to know what potential it has, since then, it has revolutionized browsing. There are many features which directly give Firefox an upper hand over all other browsers. Let just look upon them.


Firefox’s only priority is the security of the user. The personal information is not going anywhere if you choose Firefox. It is one of the most trusted internet companies in terms of privacy, and I think I need not say anything more. The privacy options and settings within further help you in creating a fort around you. The cookies, history, searches, and cache get deleted as soon as you close the window. Mozilla has primarily focused on anti-phishing, malware protection, and content security. So if you’re using Mozilla, just forget about having any security breaches, because it has it under control.

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Firefox is very fast. The ability to load pages within seconds is what everybody wants nowadays. It separates various elements of the page, and then load them individually, and finally integrates into one page. This happens due to the JagerMonkey JavaScript engine, which helps in saving time and data. While browsing complex websites, which have videos and flash content, Firefox loads them with the help of Direct2D and Direct3D graphic systems. If any elements crash, the Firefox only stops that element from further loading, not the whole content, when the page refreshes, the element restarts to load again. This flexibility of element loading makes Firefox stand out apart from other browsers.

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Firefox is customizable to a great extent. You can choose what you want in the main bar, and what you don’t. Choose your most visited sites and other plugins. With themes, you can give it a new look. The address bar changes, the background behind the tabs changes to give you an enriched look. The Firefox recently has reduced its toolbar’s space, so that you can enjoy the maximum space for browsing. The toolbar has reduced to the Firefox button, and address bar. With integrated search engine in the address bar, you can search directly on Google through it. The inbuilt add-on manager helps you to manage plugins, installed, and you can also see the recommended ones, with ratings. You can simply right-click, and customize navigation bar.

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The Firefox button contains a lot more things than you can imagine. It has options, which can help you to further enhance your browsing experience, settings, and preferences, which you can change according to your taste.
Apart from this, the experience of browsing on Firefox is really enhanced and advanced. I would recommend Firefox for day to day use, for offices,

professionals, and developers. Hope you find this post helpful, feel free social the post with your friends using the sharing buttons at the left side of the blog. Moreover, comment below and let us know why you like and use Firefox over any other web browser. Also, let us know if you faced any problem regarding downloading Firefox on your computer. Stay happy.

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