Download SoundCloud SongsDo you want to download music from the SoundCloud website? If yes then read this post carefully here i have shared three methods for downloading SoundCloud Music for free on any devices like PC/MAC or iPad/iPhone, Android smartphone, etc.

SoundCloud is one of the best places on the web for finding High-Quality Orignal music.

It’s like a social network for musicians. SoundCloud lets people share/host their music files for free. Downloading songs from SoundCloud can be a little tricky for a beginner but no worry read the following methods, they will surely help you.

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1. Official Method for Downloading Songs from SoundCloud

SoundCloud lets artists choose if they want others to download their music from SoundCloud or not. That’s why many songs on SoundCloud have a direct download button available. You can easily download any song from Soundcloud by clicking on this button. In case, you didn’t notice the download button before, just have a look at the image below (it’s usually available after share button).

Official Method for Downloading Songs from SoundCloud

In case, the song you want to download don’t have this, don’t worry there are other three methods available as well(Check Them From Below).

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2. Download SoundCloud Songs using Chrome (without any extension)

In this method, we will use Google Chrome browser for downloading SoundCloud songs. So if you already don’t have it then, you must download Chrome from here because it’s necessary. Anyhow for downloading songs from SoundCloud using Chrome follow the steps below.

  • Open the and browse for the song which you want to download and open that songs page.
  • Play the songs for few second (it’s necessary).
  • Now open Inspect Elements on Chrome (Right-click and choose Inspect Element) and navigate to – Resources>Frames>{page name}>Media.
  • You will see one file; That’s the song. Now you can right-click and copy link address to download the song.

download soundcloud songs chrome

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3. Download Soundcloud Songs using Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. Maybe because of that, It has some excellent extensions. There are many extensions available on the Chrome web store which allows users to download SoundCloud songs. For Instance SoundCloud Downloader Free is a good Chrome extension for downloading SoundCloud songs.

You can watch the video below to learn how to download songs for SoundCloud using chrome extensions.

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4. Download SongCloud Songs using Websites

And now, last but not least, method for downloading SoundCloud songs is using online apps. These are those websites which are created only for downloading Soundcloud Songs. All you need to do is copy the SoundCloud songs URL and Paste it in any of those websites, and you will get the songs download link within few seconds.

You can search on Google for “SoundCloud Downloader” and you will find many impressive sites, One of my Personal Favorite is

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So those were the top 4 ways for downloading SoundCloud songs for free. I hope you find this post “useful,” fell free to share this post on social media with your friends who you think will find this useful as well. Thanks for reading, Fell free to drop a comment below.

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    But usually the owner of the songs prohibits downloading it, so usually you couldn’t normally save what you need. Until you’ve got our SoundCloud Downloader! It permits you to down-load and save to MP3 just like any composition you like.


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