How to Find Someone’s Exact Age using Calculator App of your PC

Age calculators are quite useful; one can find how old he or his friend is using them. You can also find how many days you have lived on earth by calculating your exact age in just a few clicks. It’s really easy to calculate your exact age; there are many websites and apps available for doing the same.

exact age calculator

However, if you are in a hurry to figure out which are the best age calculator sites and apps available freely on the web, then you have just landed on the right page. You can start checking them one by one from below. Also at the end of the list, i have shared a little-known trick to find out your exact age without using any websites or third party app.

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Know exact age of a person without using any website or third party app

I have already mentioned the sites to check age. But you don’t need to use those services. You can use Windows OS’s default calculator app for doing the same. The calculator which comes pre-loaded with all Windows PCs has many features. If you are using this only for doing basic addition and subtraction kind of jobs, then you will find the following part of this post fascinating that’s for sure.

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A few hours back i was testing some default applications of my Windows 10 PC. I was checking some advanced settings when i accidentally opened the calculator app, and by curiosity, i started exploring the features. To be frank, after i hardly use the calculator on my computer, as most of the time i am either writing or reading on my computer (being a blogger is kinda boring hun?).

At that point, i accidentally stumbled upon the “Date Calculation” mode (or feature whatever you wanna call it.) You can check the screenshot of this mode from below.

Exact Age Calculator
Exact Age Calculator

To use this windows calculator exact age calculating feature you have to Open Calculator > View > Date Calculation > Enter Your Date Of birth and today’s date and click on calculate. It will instantly show you exactly how many days you have lived on earth so far 🙂

My Conclusion

Guys this is a little windows tip which i am sure some of you will find interesting. If you know some useful tip or trick which you think everyone should know, then please share that will the MostUsefulTricks community, you can submit your tip here. Thanks for reading, have an awesome day.

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