Are you looking for a list of best alternative social media platforms of Facebook? (Which you can use instead of the Facebook). If yes then make sure you have checked this list post, here I have listed 6 best alternatives of Facebook. These all are free to use just like Facebook. As everything has pros and cons, by reading the article you will be able to determine – “which is the best social network is for you”?

facebook alternatives

Facebook really changed the social media, by influencing our way of contacting people, meeting new people, sharing thoughts, sharing life moments and much more. We can’t deny the fact that it is the best social media platform currently available. But we can’t even deny the fact that it somehow compromises our privacy. Some people don’t like Facebook because it is boring, or could be any reason. In the past, I had written about the best alternatives of WhatsApp. Today I am going to tell you about Best Facebook alternatives that you can try.



quora screenshotIf you want to get rid of social media and gain knowledge on almost every topic, you can join this website, and I am sure, it won’t disappoint you. Quora lets you do personal message also, if you want to share some information or want to know about anything pretty much all the time, then my friend quota is for you. You can choose your interests and topics, on which you want to see questions. It has emerged as a great website and people are leaving Facebook, to join quora, for obvious reasons, it has smart people as members.

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<Check out Quora>


linkedin screenshotThis website is a social network for professionals and leaders. The worldwide user exceeds the limit of 347 million. You can stay in contact with your colleagues, bosses, leaders, managers and many professionals that are of your field of interest. It is a great platform for recruiting new employees, and finding jobs. It is not your regular social media website, but rather a platform to excel in your career.

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<Check out LinkedIn>


twitter screenshotIt is a social media website, known for following famous people, getting their tweets and retweet. The website works on a simple principle, follow others and get followers. You can do that by impressing people by your posts and interests. Twitter is a really popular website and a great alternative to Facebook.

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<Check Twitter>


pinterest screenshotYou can pin videos, pictures and posts into the noticeboard, and then share it with people. These noticeboards are called pinboards. You can create different pinboards according to your interests and needs. This website is a great alternative, as you go to learn something new, something different. You can repin different people’s posts to your pinboard. It has around 67 million users currently and are growing at a very fast rate.

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<Check Pinterest>


instragram screenshotThis a social platform that lets you share videos and pictures to your followers. It recently added a feature called direct message, you can also limit the audience of your photos and videos (who can see then or not see them). You can get famous by sharing your day to day life through pictures and videos. Getting followers is the main motive. It is a great alternative, as you don’t have to deal with Facebook’s extra features which you hardly require. Instagram claims to have 300 million users and growing.

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<Check Instagram>


tumblr screenshotIt’s a great site for personal blogs. You can Follow other blogs, and look into them. The website is easy going and has 420 million users. Blogging is never been so easy and interesting on this website. I personally recommend this if you’re bored from Facebook. I also maintain a pretty popular Tumblr blog, you can check it from below.

<Check Tumblr>


myspace screenshotThe first social media site to make it big is now a good platform for aspiring musicians. This website is good for old school lovers. It now targets young people after rebranding, that too for music promotions. Overall, it is the good alternative.

<Check Myspace>

So that was the list of best Facebook alternatives, hope you like it. You may also like to check out: How to Facebook Articles. Have a good day!

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