10 Best Free Recharge Android Apps For 2017

Free Recharge Apps ImageHi, Guys How you are All? Today I’m back with another free mobile recharge topic article. In this post, i have listed The Top 10 Best Free Mobile Recharge Android Apps Of 2017 which you may come across on Google Play. These are the best among all those earn free talk time apps you will ever find on play store.

Free recharge apps are just awesome. They will give you mobile recharge for free if you download any app or complete any task from the app. As we all know anything free is great, thus these apps are very popular among users.

One can download any one of the following apps from this list on his/her phone and start earning recharge from the very first day. It doesn’t require anything expect an Android phone with a SIM card and the Internet connectivity. You can literally download and install any of these apps which are mentioned below and get free mobile recharge within 1 hour of installing it on your phone. This is awesome, I know 🙂

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I have tried many apps myself on my OnePlus X phone, So here i am sharing the best apps. Without Further Ado, Let’s Jump to the main part of this post. Check the best free mobile recharge Android apps for 2017 one by one from the list below.

1. TaskBucks – A New Free Recharge App

taskbucks free mobile recharge app

TaskBucks is a new free mobile recharge app. I just added this app to this list because i found this app just a few days ago.

TaskBucks or “Free Paytm Cash & Recharge” app not only gives you free mobile recharge but also it gives you Free Paytm/MobikWik cash as an alternative of mobile recharge if you want. This app provides you rewards to you for not only downloading apps but also for completing various offers the app itself.

You can download TaskBucks from the link below and enter the referral code “GJ1TH62P” at the time of registration, to start earning.

Download TaskBucks

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2. Ladooo


Ladooo is the 3rd best free recharge app on our list. You can earn a pretty good amount of money with ladooo. According to some of my friends, it’s a great free recharge app. I personally i have not used it that much. However, I have noticed one thing about this app.

When you download Ladooo, it won’t ask you to create any account. It will just open, and your rewards will be added to the app. So if you uninstall the app when you have some money in it, you won’t be able to get that money back when you reinstalls the app, i found this think bad about it.

I will not say this is a bad app. It’s just i haven’t used it that much. But, people do like and use it a lot. You can get started with ladooo now and earn a handsome amount of free recharge. Download ladooo from the download links mentioned below.

Download Ladooo

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3. Earn Talktime App

earn talktime

Earn Talktime is a great free mobile recharge app. One of my friends told me about this app for the first time. This app was a bit bad looking in the beginning. But with each update they improved the app. Now in 2017 it’s a great app with awesome features and design.

I think previously this app was known as Earn Free Talk Time. Currently(Jan 2017) You can get Rs. 101 for inviting your friends to this app. The payment rates are pretty good, and they generally pay Rs. 10-30 per app download or completed offers.

Recently they are giving a pretty good amount of money as a reward for downloading some apps (up to Rs. 550 in some cases). In a special bonus, you can even win Rs.1000 from this app. One bad thing about this app is the recharge amount is already fixed. So, you won’t be able to get custom free recharge amount from this app. I think it doesn’t allow recharges below 20 rupees.

You can download Earn Talktime App From Below To Start Earning Free Mobile Recharge on Your Android Phone.

Download Earn Talktime

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4. FreePlus


FreePlus is another great app for earning free mobile recharge using your Android smartphone. This app will be an excellent choice if you want to make money through referring people. If you are someone who is famous among your friends and have lots of friends then just go for it.

FreePlus is not that popular app, despite the fact that it’s an excellent app. It has a very straightforward and unique design (user interface is also very good).

Install this app from the link below and enter my invitation code c990767 if it’s not automatically entered during registration. You will earn good amount of money from this app.

Download FreePlus App

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5. Pocket Money

pocket money

Pocket Money is another android app which given you free mobile recharge for completing offers and downloading apps. One good thing about Pocket money is that it provides you pay high rates just like mCent.

You will see the app of the day at the top of the screen when you open the app every day. You can download and install that app to earn free mobile recharge every day. The reason I am listing this app at the 6th spot in this list is that it doesn’t have the many offers compared to another top 5 apps.

Right now you can earn Rs.15/user for referring people to pocket money app. you can also check the screenshot of this app at the upper part of this text paragraph. Fell free to download and install pocket money app on your phone from the link below.

Download Pocket Money

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6. True Balance

True Balance

True balance is a different type of free mobile recharge app. It’s quite useful too even if you don’t download any app from it or don’t earn any recharge from the app.

This app will show your mobile balance in the notification bar of your phone. Also, you can check your data balance and special offers without types any USSD code on your phone if you have this app. You can check the screenshots of this excellent app from the link mentioned below.

You can earn money with this app by referring other people and by completing individual daily offers of the app. They give you Rs. 10 per referral and the person whom you referred to the app will also get Rs. 10 bonus on their account. You can refer up to 1000 people to this app. So you can earn quite a good amount of money or free mobile recharge with this app.

Download True Balance

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7. Slide


This app pays you money when you unlock your phone. This app will show content on your phone’s lock screen with some new kind of article or some offers. You can complete that offer to earn money, or you can just unlock your phone to earn like Rs. 0.01, this may seem pretty small, but considering the number of times you may unlock your phone per day this can be a pretty decent amount of money.

You can check the screenshot of this app from the download page itself. Click on the link below to start downloading it.

Download Slide

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8. Ultimate FreeB – Free Recharge

Ultimate FreeB - Free Recharge

This is another new app which i found on google play. You don’t need to login or register in this app, and it gives you rewords for every action you take on from the app. Ultimate FreeB supports all the Indian telecom companies like Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL, Idea, MTS, Reliance, Tata, Uninor, Videocon, Vodafone, etc. You can also check the best shopping deals from this app.

This is one of the best new recharge apps which i found on 2017. Fell free to check it our, download it from below.

Download Ultimate FreeB

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9. Grapper


Grapper is a pretty decent app, and you can download grapper from google play. This app not only pays you to try apps but also for giving reviews on google play for the apps which you try. You can earn like Rs.5 per referral on this app. I have faced some problem while i tried the app fro the first time, it was related to the registration process. Check the screenshots of grapper free mobile recharge app from below. Fell free to download it from the link mentioned below.

Download Grapper

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My Conclusion (Must Read)

These apps are very popular among the users, that’s the reason why there are so many of free mobile recharge type apps available on Google play store. If you do a search, you will see unless results with apps which looks shady and are actually. There are many good free recharge apps available on the play store but its very easy to waste your time trying any shady apps which may seem like it’s genuine. I recommend you guys to read the reviews before installing any of these types of app on your phone.

I would also like to say that most of the times apps which are named like “free Rs. 200 recharge every day” are scam type apps. Like they are not genuine so just avoid those. Anyhow, i hope you like this list of 10 best free recharge apps 2017. I think you guys will earn well amount of free mobile recharge with these apps.

If you have any suggestion for any good android free recharge app which i have missed in this list, please let me know about that app in the comment below.

Moreover, please share this post with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook (and everywhere else where you want) so that they can also know which are the latest best free mobile recharge apps for 2017.

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  1. Great bro… you have listed all the free recharge apps for android .. also thanks for providing the download links also. Thanks again…

  2. Hey guyz, i tried this another app called FreeBuster which gives you options like istant bonus, Scratch n WIn, Redeem points to your Mobiwkik n PayUmoney wallet.. i Think you should try that too

  3. One of the best recharge apps will let you enjoy your uninterrupted services by just sitting at your home, offices or colleges and earn free talktime.

    • You can get good amount and extra recharge with the help of ladooo-free recharge app. It is the most popular app theses days and download this app in just some simple step.

      1) Download and install Ladooo app from Google Store.
      2) Register and verify mobile number by entering OTP code.
      3) Look for sponsored apps, and complete at least one or two downloads to earn free talk time.
      4) To refer and earn, click on the referral link and complete the process.
      6) Share the app with your friends, and earn exciting money awards & offers for free.

      • Thanks for sharing the good information Agam. I installed ladooo app on my smartphone & I refer it to my friends as well. I am getting good amount of recharge. Thanks.

  4. Sir. Mostly these all apps gives same offers so is there any trick to earn by downloading a single offer multiple times.

    Sir give me any trick to earn by downloading single app multiple times as these all apps are showing very less offers.

  5. Useful and informative post about mobile apps. Thanks for sharing.:)
    Now a days every one is using smart phone and have facility to download different apps and many more. Many online recharge portals offer their App in play stores and are free to install.

    I am using Reload App for all my recharges like mobile, dth and data cards. I am happy with my App.

  6. There’s another app i found out recently which offer free mobile recharge, hard cash and shopping voucher. The app is known as Moo locker where it offers you reward by just swiping your phone. You can browse through the tutorial via this link: youtu.be/f33Pj7PX7aI and you can download the app through: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moolocker. It’s 100% work.

  7. Now a days all are using online recharge portals or Apps to recharge their mobiles. These apps are good. I am using another recharge app i.e Reload App for my mobile recharges. Not only for mobile recharge, DTH & data cards recharges also you can do.

  8. Really your site is awesome. You always provide us Free Recharge which are working. I always visit your site and get lots of tricks which helped me to earn money.

  9. Hi Sagar,

    Great Article on Top Free Recharge App. Nowadays I’m struggling to recharge my Phone, but these apps come handy to do free recharge. Good


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