Google is the most popular search engine in the world, there are tons of reason behind this. But one thing I don’t like about Google search results is it shows private results. It can be described in this way – let’s presume accidentally you have subscribed to a Google plus page or you have circled someone on Google plus. That person had posted something related to your search keyword, now it won’t matter how much quality that Google plus post has. It will be one the first page may be on the top 5, so it’s harder to get what you are looking for when you are using the private search feature.

Hide Private Search Results in Google Search

Although there is some good use of this private search result feature, but I think it’s worth disabling it than tolerating some creepy useless search results on the first page of Google. For getting rid of this problem you can click on the icon which seems like the world and Google will hide all the private search results on that page, but if you want to get rid of private search results permanently then you have to follow the guide given below. For your assistance i have included some screenshots which will guide you better through the process.

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Permanently Hide Private Search Results from Google Search

Step 1: First you need to go to and search for anything you want. You can see on the screenshot that I have searched for most useful tricks (yes it is my blog 🙂 )

google privet search results for most useful tricks

Step 2: You need to sign in to your Google account now in case you are not signed in yet. Just click on the blue sign in button (on the upper right side of the page) and sign in to your Google account.

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Step 3: Now you have to click on the setting icon (See the image below) and click on search settings. You will be redirected to a Google search settings page for your account.

showing google privet search results

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Step 4: Now scroll down the page until you see “Private Results” section on that page. Now simply select the “Do Not Use Private Results” option.

google privet search results option

Step 5: Now click on save button. And you are done, now whenever you will search on Google you will never see any private results again.

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In Conclusion

So that was the complete guide. Hope you find this helpful, place share if you have any question. Thanks for reading.

I hope now you will be able to hide private search results from Google search page using the guide.

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  1. Hello Sagar !

    This is a very simple way to hide private results but still this thing is unknown to many people . ALso with private search results , it becomes very tough to analyse our search engine ranking ! So everytime i have to go incognito .

    Nice post Brother !! This solved my problem !!
    Happy Blogging !


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