Do you use free recharge apps on your Android device? These days apps like mcent and ladooo have become very famous among users. These are the top free mobile recharge apps on play store. I’ve tons of apps installed on my Android smartphone. Just a few days back i was checking out the mcent app, and suddenly one question blew my mind away.

question markThe question was – “How do these free recharge apps work?“, Like how can they pay you for downloading other apps. So, today in this post I will discuss this topic and try to give you an answer. I don’t exactly know what their business model is. But i presume i have figured out it to some extent.

A Free mobile recharge app pays you whenever you download any other app on your phone or complete any offer from that app. Though most of these apps will pay you via mobile recharge, there are some apps also which pays using other methods as well as gives you free mobile recharge. For instance, TaskBucks app provides you free Paytm/MobikWik Cash as well as free mobile recharge.

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How Free Recharge Apps like mCent, Ladooo and Others Works?

Here is the central part of this blog post. Read below to get an idea of how exactly these apps works and how they can provide you free mobile recharge for downloading other apps.

There are dozens of free mobile recharge apps available on the internet today. Almost every week a new app arrives at google play claiming that they give free mobile recharge. Only a handpicked few apps among those provides free recharge to the users, and the rest are like super useless.

Here I will take the example of mCent as it is currently the most famous and oldest app in this category.

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My Answer on How these Apps Actually Works

Most of the people now have smartphones which they use very frequently. That’s why today creating a viral app is more profitable than creating a viral website (Take the example of Facebook & WhatsApp). Many companies are building apps, but initially, not many people will download any new app(People love to follow trends).

So, Companies or app developers have to advertise their apps to the users, and today one of the best methods to promote apps to users is by using the free mobile recharge apps. I think it’s the most profitable way of promoting any app to the desired audience.

Think like this the developer or company who have created the app pays money to the free mobile recharge apps company (for this instance let’s presume they pay money to mcent), now mcent will pay money to those people who will download the app on their device. By this, the company gets more users for their app so that they can make more profit from it and the user get’s free recharge. You can check the image below to get a clear idea.

how free mobile recharge apps works
how free mobile recharge apps works

Why There are No Free Recharge Apps Available for Windows Phone or iOS Devices?

Now some of you may think why only Android. Like i own Windows Phone and iOS devices, but there are no free mobile recharge apps available for iOS or Windows Phone. The reasons is – with more than 1.4 Billion 30-Day Active Users Android has become the most popular Smartphone OS. So most of the apps are build for Android rather than iOS or Windows Phone, that’s why companies prefer Android rather than any other smartphone platform.

To conclude, i would like to make it clear that I don’t 100% know about the business model of free mobile recharge apps, so i can’t tell you exactly how these apps work. But, i hope i have given you a decent idea of how the free mobile recharge apps work & can they provide you free mobile recharge for downloading other apps. If you have any question, fell free to ask below.

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  1. mCent also give reward points for just browsing, and through those points one can recharge their balance. So how it provide same facility just for browsing.

    • I can’t exactly tell you that, However i think most of the times they directly contact companies for promoting their apps.


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