alexa rankRead this article to learn how you can dramatically improve your blog’s Alexa rankings in 2018. I have shared 4 Do’s and 2 Don’ts for maximum ROI. gives every website a global and country-specific rank based on various factors which nobody exactly knows.

While i personally don’t actually care much about alexa rankings of any of my websites, I surely know many people who do. That’s why i’m writing this article. I first wrote this in 2014 when i was quite naive in the blogging world. And after 3 years I’m updating this article in 2018. I hope you will find my experience useful.

Here in this article, I have shared some DO’s and Don’ts which you can follow and apply to your whole marketing statergy for improving your blogs alexa rankings. And at the end i have also discussed some myths about alexa rankings which will save a lot of your money and time for sure. So keep reading to learn more.

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How to Improve Alexa Rankings

Improve Alexa Rank

1. Update your Blog Regularly

One of the most common mistake that new bloggers make is they don’t publish articles regualrly. If you love what you write then it’s easy to come with new topics to write. However, if you are running a bussiness blog on a boring niche then it’s quite hard. You can use Services like Google Trends and Google News to find latest topics for your niche.

While a one man army can’t publish 2-3 articles every single day, you can atleast try to publish 3-4 per week. That will help you to get some royal reader too. This will ultimately become your blogs main power. Also, I think posting Frequently will surely help you to get better rankings on for your blog.

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2. Write Quality Content

There is a phase which i very famous in the blogging world that say’s “Content is KING!.” , but actually “USEFUL Content is the KING!.

Millions of the articles gets published each and everyday thus if you want your blog to get some eye balls then understand this: “Don’t write anything which is already available on the web, try to be different and better all the time”. Different and better is the key to becoming succesfull in everyfiled. The same applies to blogging too.

If you publish great content then your blog will get more traffic, more royal readers and your alexa rankings will improve as a positive side-effect of this.

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3. Get Social Love

You should have top 4-5 social media platforms accounts/pages for your blog. Millions of people use social media everyday, Thus it’s a great opportunity for you to make your blog more popular. Do this first – find which are the top social networks for your blog and then create your blog’s page on them (if you already don’t have one right now). Then start sharing evrything there. If you post regular updates then you will see positive results very soon.

4. Use the Alexa Widget

Showing the official Alexa widget will definitely help you to achieve your desired Alexa rankings. You can search Google for Alexa Widget for My Website to learn how to add this widget in your blog. In 2014, I found that showing alexa widget is really something which makes a dramatic improvement in alexa rankings, but i haven’t added this widget on any of my websites since 2016. I just think it looks bad on the already good design. However you can add this on your blogs footer or sidebar bottom position.

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What Do Not DO

1. Never Buy Links

Yes, Alexa rank depends on backlinks. But you have to earn or create backlinks in natural ways – like Guest Posting, Commenting and other methods. You should never buy backlinks from the Internet, if you buy backlinks then it will be a waste of money and time for you.

2. Never Copy Articles

Copying articles from other blogs is a big mistake, many new bloggers think that they will copy the writing from popular blogs and republish them on their own blogs and earn money. But belief me, you can’t do anything with copy-pasted articles. The thing is you have to work hard to achieve something.

Some Myths about Alexa Rankings

As I have written earlier in this article, there are many myths about how Alexa ranking works. So here is a short list of Myths Related to Alexa Rankings, I think this will give you the perfect idea about what do and what really works for improving alexa rank.

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Myth #1: Alexa only measures traffic from people who have installed the Alexa toolbar.
Myth #2: Alexa only measures Internet marketers and site owners.
Myth #3: Claiming my site affects its rank.
Myth #4: If my site’s traffic goes up on a particular day, my rank will automatically get better.
Myth #5: If I pay Alexa I can get a better rank.

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