Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser in the world, that’s why there are tons of awesome chrome extensions and apps available on the web. Most of them are available in the Chrome web store. But, there are many useful extensions which you can’t find there. To use them you will have to download the .crx file (Chrome Extension file) and install it manually on your browser.


When downloading any .crx file Chrome will ask you if you want to keep the file, click on the keep button to download the file on your computer (do remember that there are many malicious files on the web, So always make sure that you are downloading the right file from a trusted website).

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After you download the .crx file you will notice that you can’t just install it by clicking on it, like you install any other software on your computer. Don’t worry, you can install the extension on Chrome, you just need to know how. There’s a little trick that you need to follow in order to install .crx files on chrome. You can learn this workaround from below.

Brief Info: You just need to drag and drop the .crx file on chrome’s extensions page (chrome://extensions/), this will start the installation.

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Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Download the Chrome Extension File (.crx file) which you want to install.

Step 2: Now open the Extensions Management Page on Chrome (This Page: chrome://extensions/)

Step 3: Now you have to select the .crx file and drag that to the Chrome Window (where extensions page is opened).

install crx file in chrome

Step 4: It will ask your permission if you really want to add this extension or not, just click on the Add button to install the extension Chrome. That’s it.

add extension to chrome

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