How to Install WordPress Locally for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1

Are you looking for a method to use the WordPress software on your computer offline? May be you are a web designer or a blogger (or any WordPress related guy) who are on a trip where the internet is not available at all. Now using WordPress offline would be the best solution for you. Also, using WordPress offline to test the newly creates WordPress themes and plugins will save your lot of time and it would be more easy for you. So here my point is – “it’s damn helpful to have a local WordPress installed on your computer”.

install wordpress locally

Now it’s clear that WordPress offline is useful, but do you know the best way to run WordPress software offline on your computer (I know WordPress is a Content Management System for Web Blogs and websites but it’s a software also). Don’t worry, here I have written in brief about how you can run WordPress Offline.

How to Install WordPress on your Computer

To use WordPress on your computer locally, you need to use a software called InstantWP, it’s the easiest and most newbie friendly software for running WordPress offline on your PC. Just like any other software there are many alternatives of InstantWP, but believe me it’s the easiest software available. You can download InstantWP form below.

   Download InstantWP   

After you download InstantWP just install it on your computer, it’s pretty easy, just click on the file you downloaded and install it on your computer.


At the time of installation, you need to select the location where InstantWP will be installed. Just select any location and remember the location. You will also see some other options which you can select as you want.

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After you successfully install it you have to open the folder which you have selected previously. Open the folder and click on the InstantWP application to run it.

run WordPress locally

You will see the InstantWP window there will be an address of your local WordPress installations.

instantWP dashboard

You have to copy that address and open that on any browser (I Prefer Google Chrome) and you will see the default WordPress blog. Now open the log in panel and log in to your WordPress blog with the following details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

And enjoy the local WordPress installation, now you can now work on WordPress even without the internet connection. Please do comment below if you know about any other better software than one which I have mentioned above.

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