Why LAN Connection is not Showing in Network Connections [Solved]

So you were setting up Wi-Fi for the first time on your computer and don’t know why your computer is not showing any Local Area Network icon or LAN. Local Area NetworkYou are thinking why it’s happening, performing a Google search has brought you to this page. Don’t worry, I faced this problem too when I was setting Wi-Fi on my computer for the first time. The problem occurs because you haven’t installed any LAN Drivers at the time of installing Mather board drivers.

So basically your computer needs LAN driver to show and use the Local Area Network, that’s why in next 10 minutes you are going to download the perfect or requested LAN Driver on your computer and solve this error.

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So follow this guide below and learn how to download and install LAN driver on your computer and solve the LAN network icon not showing Error.

How to Download LAN Driver for your Computer

It’s pretty easy to download and install LAN driver on your computer. It’s like the same how you download and install nay other software on your computer. But, it’s a little tricky to find the perfect (needed) LAN Driver software for your computer. However, you can read the rest of the post to learn how to find the required LAN driver.

For finding the perfect LAN driver first of all find out which motherboard your computer is using and if it’s a 32bit or 64 bit. I am presuming that you already know which operating system your computer is running currently. (Bro you are using it now)

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Let’s presume that you are running windows 7 operating system on an Intel based 32 bit machine. Now search on Google for “LAN driver for Windows 7 32bit Intel”.

LAN driver for Windows 7 32bit Intel

And in the search result you will see the official Intel website where from you can download and install the software on your computer.

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Download Local Area Network Driver

Now all you need to do is download the appropriate LAN software driver for your computer and install it. Installing it is very easy I’m sure you can do that without any guidance. So hope I’m able to solve your problem, thanks for reading.

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