Most Useful Android Apps of All Time (Really Useful Apps)

Android has become the most popular OS for smartphones. With the huge user base android is now the first choice of app developers. If I would create an app for this blog someday, I will defiantly go with android platform. However, with the huge number of people, there are tons of android apps on the web. But you may be searching on the web for the Most Useful Android apps. So I have created a detailed list on this topic. Go ahead and read the full article.
most useful android apps Android devices are very easy to use and android is the best Smartphone OS. I just love android over any other OS. You can check all the android related articles by going to the Android category. However, if you are facing issue with the battery life of your Android device; I think this guide will definitely help you. Check – How to Increase Battery Life of your Android device. So that was information about some of my previously written articles. Now, I am coming to the main point. So, here are the top 5 most useful android apps list.

Most Useful Android Apps

1. Gmail

We all need one Email account; this is why you need to use Gmail on your Android device. Most of the people who use internet practically know the importance of emails; yup, that’s right. But there are many email service providers; also, many of them are offering email service for free, then why should you use Gmail. Oh, that’s the question. I will say because Gmail is completely free and some awesome features of Gmail are – Free usage, Free storage, you can use most of the Google services with Gmail account. And many more. So, that was the reason behind using Gmail over any other email services. Also, this is the reason why I have listed Gmail on the top of the list.

2. ES File Explorer

I have already written about the best android file explorer apps in the past. After checking many apps; I came to a decision that ES file explorer is the best File Explorer. I have listed it on the second position on this list became many android device don’t actually have any file manager app installed by default. So download ES File Explorer from the link given below.

3. UC Browser

UC Browser is probably the best app for Geeks; if you spend most of the time on the web and have the habit of Browsing the web via your Android smartphone; then using UC Browser will defiantly make you smile. Also, using UC Browser will save your lot of time and Data.

4. mCent

Recently I have written a list of top 5 Free Recharge apps for Android Device. If you read that article you will find that I have given mCent the Top Position; mCent is very practical and useful app to use; when you are looking to make some extra money from your android device.

5. Xender

Xender is a Popular and useful file sharing app for android. Xender app uses the Wi-Fi of your android device to share files from one Android Device to Another. The only criteria is – Both of the Devices must have Xender Installed. Download Xender for Android Now.

My Conclusion

This is the list of most useful android devices. I have written this app from my personal experience. You may have noticed that no fancy or unknown app is listed here; because this is the list of Most Useful Android apps. And the thing which is useful becomes popular among all the people. Don’t worry, this Article is first written on 5.05Pm, 4/24/2015.

I will defiantly update this list whenever I found another regret app.
In this while you can comment below about any other useful android app which you known and use. Thank for reading 🙂 .

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