Check this post and learn about a shortcut to quickly open any accidentally closed tab while browsing the web on popular internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE).

Quickly Open Recently Closed Tabs on any Browser

I assume many of your guys use the internet for work (Profesional Purposes). So it’s a common thing that you guys will have many tabs opened at the same time in your browser window. Modern day browsers like Chrome supports opening as many browser tabs as your computer hardware can handle without hanging. However, According to this article on Lifehacker, You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open.

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Anyhow, it’s up to you how many tabs you want to open. But like pros of having multiple tabs open in the browser, there are cons too. It’s not hard to presume what can happen if you have too many tabs opened on your browser.

You may try to click on any tab and accidentally an important tab closes. Yeah, it’s a pretty typical scenario which most of us face every day. It’s not that hard to click on the Close(X) option and unintentionally close a tab.

Now if this thing happens to you, then you will find the “CTRL+SHIFT+T” (“Command+Shift+T” for Mac) shortcut command very useful. This little shortcut can help you to open any accidentally closed tab quickly on modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This shortcut doesn’t work on Safari Browser, For quickly opening recently closed tabs in Safari press “Command+Z”.

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Alternately you can also right-click on any tab and click on “Open Closed Tab” to open recently closed tab.
Restore Recently Closed Tabs Chrome

Moreover, you can also check your browser history and open the previously closed tabs from there. To check your browsing history go to history from browser menu or press “CTRL+H” shortcut (“Command + H” for Mac users).

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This single shortcut works the same on all three major web browsers, so it’s even more useful for you to remember the shortcut. Believe me, you will find this shortcut useful one day or another. It will not only save your time but can save a lot of your efforts too. I will be sharing more helpful little tips and tricks with you guys as soon as i find then, thanks for reading.

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