Today you will learn how to save webpages as PDFs using Chrome without any extension. It’s very easy and takes less than 1 minute. You can even save the PDF file to your Google drive in just one click.


PDF is the most recognizable document format which is useful for business and office utility. There are many free PDF editors and creators available on the web. But if you only need to save web pages as PDF format, then you don’t need any extra extensions for doing that. No, you don’t even need to use any online services. Chrome is more than enough for this task. It’s all very easy, as you will learn in a few minutes.


Save Webpages as PDFs on Chrome

The process of saving web pages as PDF using Google chrome is very simple. Here’s a short instruction for you.

  1. Whenever you find any webpage which you would like to save as PDF, just hit CTRL+P (or right click and click on print) So that the Print window appears.
  2. Now you need to change the destination to save as pdf in the print webpages as pdf using chrome
  3. And finally, hit on Save button.
  4. Choose any location where you would like to save the PDF file and you are done.

That’s it. Your webpage is saved as PDF file now. You may access this Chrome’s feature whenever you want even without any internet connection.

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My Conclusion

This little trick will be very helpful in certain circumstances. For instance, this will be useful when you are reading any news on any websites and like to save that article as PDF for later. Or if you are using Chrome browser then you will need only a few clicks to save that webpage or article as PDF.

This method is very handy when you want to read a webpage for later or when you go offline without internet connection. If you own any WiFi-only device then saving useful web pages as PDF using this trick can be very helpful.

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  1. Hi. I m facing a prob. Whenever in my chrome android browser for a webpage i use print>save as pdf a pdf file is created of size zero. Bit the pdf just doesnt open in any stock or downloaded app it says file format invalid. Same happens if i try to save as pdf any email …whether from gmail app or any other email app. Can u pls help? Thx.i hv samsung galaxy note 2.


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