Top 3 Sites to Make Money with Paid Surveys

You can take part in online surveys to make some money online. This is one of the easiest and at the same time pretty cool way to make some money online. Sometimes paid surveys are very easy and gives you a lot of money for your little amount of time. Most of the time Paid Surveys will make you sad because as they are paying you, most of the time Paid Surveys Are Real Long.

make money by dong paid servays

Paid surveys websites want valuable and important information from a specific type of people, so you should choose the best websites to take part in paid surveys. Choosing best websites are very important as there are tons of websites out there. Many Fake Websites will say that say – “We will pay You Huge Money for filling surveys”. But don’t fall into those traps, no website is going to pay a very huge amount of money for doing surveys. And remember that you can’t become rich doing surveys, but you can make some money (I make maximum $6 from paid surveys in a day).

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If you fall into the traps of fake survey websites then, I think you will feel like this– you spend a lot of time for doing paid surveys and do a lot of work to fill the website profile surveys page (which most of the survey websites want you to fill – they called them profile surveys) and when you complete your first survey they send give you the time limit of 30-60 days .but after 30-60 days you don’t receive the money at all.those websites are just scams. So here I’m giving a list of top 3 Real websites (which are not scam) which will really pay you for doing surveys also those websites gives you a lot of surveys every week.
Here is the list of top 3 sites to make money with paid surveys


ClixSense logoClixsense is the best website for doing online surveys. Most of surveys will give you about 0.85-4 dollars. I have made $3 in day maximum doing surveys on clixsense. Sign Up for Your Clixsense Account Here.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions logoRecently I tried this website and find that this site is really good. Every 2 or 3 days after they send me invitation of surveys. Most of surveys give me $1-$1.5.

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Toluna logoToluna is a good website for doing paid surveys online they are very repudiated as a survey website, but unlike most of the companies they will give you points. You will earn about 3000-4000 points for doing any survey.

My Conclusion

I hope you guys read the full article, in top I describes why you should fall in trap of fake paid surveys website. I also recommend you guys to make account in all of those three websites. Just make account in all of them and complete every websites profile surveys which will help them to find surveys for you. After that you will get chances to do paid surveys. I think if you participate in paid surveys regularly then you can make good money in every week. {But do remember that you can’t become rich by doing only paid surveys}.

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