Most of the internet depends on google chrome as it’s used by 62.66% of desktop/laptop internet users. You should always use the latest version of chrome because it will be always the most secure and fastest. Though Google Chrome is built for getting updates automatically, you can even do it manually.

Manually Updating Chrome is very easy and simple process. However, in some situations, Chrome update process fails. Also sometimes the browser will show update available message but the update will fail. There are many issues, but the fix is here.

Keep reading this page. Here you will learn about how to properly update google chrome (step by step guide) and how to fix Chrome update problems. This article is a part of our chrome tutorial series.

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How to Update Google Chrome Manually Step By Step Guide


In chrome, the updates get downloaded in the background and are installed when you close and reopen chrome. However, if you don’t close your browser for a few days you will notice the chrome menu icon will be changed to green, orange or red. These colors represent from how many days a new update is available. Green means 2 days, Orange means 4 days and red represents An update’s been available for 7 days. In this situation, you may need to update Chrome manually. You can follow the step by step guide below to learn how to manually update chrome.

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Step 1: Open Chrome and go to this link: chrome://help/ (You can click on this also).

Step 2: This will open About Page; you will see info about the current version of Chrome which is installed on your browser.

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Step 3: As soon as you open this page Chrome will automatically start checking for updates. If any update is available then you will have to wait for Google Chrome to update.

Wait for Google Chrome to update
Wait for Google Chrome to update

Note: If you see a message on this page that says “Google Chrome is up to date”, then your browser doesn’t need to update right now.

Step 4: When the process finishes just click on the relaunch button to complete the chrome update process.

relaunch google chrome to finish the update
relaunch google chrome to finish the update


Fix Chrome Update Problem: Chrome Wants to Update — but Can’t

I was reading a forum yesterday when I came across a post regarding Chrome update issue. In this post, a guy reported an issue that Chrome was showing the “Chrome version is out of date” message and the color of chrome menu button’s color was changed to red but when he tries to update the browser manually the page shows “Google Chrome is up to date”. Though I haven’t personally faced this issue, I will still try to provide a very easy solution to this.

The Solution

The simplest solution will be to uninstall Chrome from your computer and then install the latest version. You can download the latest version of Chrome at

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