Learn how you can use two or even more WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone by following a simple workaround. (Hint: you don’t need to root your android device for doing this).

whatsappNowadays nearly every new Android smartphone supports two SIM cards. It makes complete sense to use two different SIM cards on your phone. You can use the second SIM as a backup, or you may use Two separate numbers for personal, and work contacts. It also make great sense to use two WhatsApp accounts one for Work and one for personal, but there is a but?

By default, WhatsApp does not allow users to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Recommended Read: How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android.

When we talk about Facebook, It is every easy to use multiple Facebook accounts on a phone. All you need to do is download the Facebook app and log in on the app with your primary account, and log in to your other account on the mobile browser(like Chrome). Now every time you will open facebook.com on your mobile browser you use be using your second account. You can repeat this process and use multiple Facebook accounts quite comfortably on your phone by using multiple web browsers(like UC Browser, etc.).

However, it is not the same for WhatsApp accounts. WhatsApp only lets you use their service through the WhatsApp mobile app. You may try to download WhatsApp on PC or use WhatsApp web, but at the end of the day, they all require you to use WhatsApp App.

So, isn’t there any method for using 2 WhatsApp Accounts on one phone. Of course, there is a workaround for using two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. You are reading this article only because of that right. Well, let’s learn how you can archive the impossible.

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How to use Multiple WhatsApp accounts on One Android Device

Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in One Android Phone

As i have told you earlier, there is a simple workaround which lets you use multiple Facebook accounts in one Android smartphone. This workaround does not require rooted Android device or any modified WhatsApp like OGWhatsApp (Check Best WhatsApp Alternatives). You should never use any modified WhatsApp app, these apps can cause your account a permanent ban. Anyhow enough of talk, check the workaround below.

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For running multiple WhatsApp accounts in one device, you are going to use an app called “Parallel Space,” this app lets users log into their multi accounts at the same time on one device!

  • First, you have to download Parallel Space from Google Play and install it on your smartphone.
  • I think you already have WhatsApp installed on your device and using it with your first account, and that’s fine.
  • Now open Parallel Space and Click on WhatsApp icon inside that app.
  • Now login to your Second WhatsApp account there and you are done. Now use Multiple WhatsApp accounts on one Android device. Hope you like it, enjoy.

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My Conclusion

I was using this app from last few weeks (to write this post), and it is working fine. You can use this app on PC also, just Download BlueStacks and install the Parallel Space apk(after downloading it from the web) and use two WhatsApp account on your PC. It is quite cool, right? Anyhow hope you find this post useful, Have a good day:).

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