Here i have shared the latest download links for downloading Xender file sharing app on your Android smartphone or iOS(iPhone/iPad) Device for free.

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Sometimes you need to send large files from one smartphone to another. Well, We all know about something called Bluetooth. The technology which was developed few years back for sharing data between two devices. In the early days, Bluetooth was cool, but today something more advance has come into existence, It’s nothing but our very own Wi-Fi. Frankly speaking comparing Bluetooth with Wi-Fi is like comparing 19″s cars with today’s cars.

Nowadays It’s very time-consuming to send large (100MB+) files by Bluetooth. When sharing big files between your smartphones, maybe you still use the traditional Bluetooth file sharing, or you may use USB cables which are very slow (Here I’m talking about USB 2.0). I had also used those things, but not anymore. Now you can share files between your various devices in very fast speed using Xender. Read more about xender from below and also check download links.

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Free Download Xender for Android, iOS(iPhone/iPad) Devices

What is Xender? – Xender is a file sharing app which uses the Wi-Fi technology for sharing data between two devices in super-fast speed with minimum requirement. Because it uses Wi-Fi, so it’s way faster than traditional Bluetooth sharing system. Xender uses your local Wi-Fi for sharing data from one device to another, So there is no extra cost involved.

   Download Xender for Android

   Download Xender for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Recently i have written a guide on how to download and install Xender on your computer, Read Download Xender App for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1 Computer.

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One disadvantage of Xender is that – if you want to share files then both of the smartphones must have Xender installed. It’s not even that bad because Xender supports nearly every smartphone OS (operating system) like – Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. In my experience sharing a movie of 2GB size from my Android Smartphone to Android tablet, it takes about 1-2 minutes. You may think that time is too much, but it’s not that much regarding the file size.

You can also share apps which you have installed on your smartphone from AppStore or Google Play directly without having those files on your SD card. Xender Also allows users for group sharing for sharing one single File to more than one people simultaneously. For more info about Xender, you can check the official website of xender.

How to Use Xender

  • Download Xender to your phone from the link given in the post and install it.
  • Once you have installed the app, open it. Follow the instructions on your phone screen and create your profile (enter your name and other needed stuff).
  • Open Xender on another device too, or ask your friend to open Xender.
  • Tap ‘Connect Friends’ and then ‘Create Group.’
  • Your friend will get a notification on Xender that you’re online. Just ask him to click on Connect Friends then Tap to join next to your Xender name appearing on his Smartphone.
  • Now you guys will be connected to a privet Wi-Fi network so just choose what you want to share and click on the share button.

You may also Download My Idea App they are giving get 3G data upto 1GB for Rs.1 for first time app download.

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My Conclusion

Few days back I was searching the web for a better solution to send large files from one smartphone to another at high speed. After some crazy searches, I found the perfect app for this job, yeah here I’m talking about Xender.

I though i should share this useful app with my readers which you guys will just love to use. I hope you people found this useful post nd informative to get more info about Xender. Please comment and let us know if you face nay problem when trying to download Xander for your Android or iOS Device from above links.

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